Terms and Conditions and Privacy Data

Mary Puppins Ltd is a professional dog walking service. Upon signing your customer form and completing the key handover you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed below. ‘Mary Puppins’ refers to Mrs Charlotte Stevens owner and director of the company.


1. The owner must provide all items necessary for their dog to be cared for in their absence, this includes identity tags and collars. Should a dog require any additional supplies I will purchase these and add them onto your invoice. I will retain all receipts and submit them to the owner as proof of purchase.

2. All dogs need to be fully vaccinated and receive regular flea and worming treatments.

3. Mary Puppins reserves the right to refuse a dog or pet with immediate effect if he/she does not respond well to Mary Puppins or poses a risk to myself or other dogs.

4. Dogs can be walked on or off the lead, if you would like them off the lead I need written permission to do so. If a dog is not allowed off the lead then they need to be able to walk well on a lead for the safety of other dogs on the walk.

5. I will use personal judgement to change, delay or cut a walk short if necessary due to extreme weather conditions for the safety of the dogs and myself.

6. I may shorten a walk by 5 – 10 mins on very wet and muddy days if necessary to ensure all dogs are returned in a reasonably clean and dry condition. This ensures good time keeping to get to the next set of dogs waiting for their walk.

7. As all dog walks take place in the countryside at certain times of the year they are likely to get wet/muddy, I will towel dry your dog and ensure they are warm and comfortable when dropped off from their walk but I can’t wash, shampoo and dry your dog.

8. I only walk dogs from their home or near roads for solo walks only. Under no circumstances will I start or finish a group walk on a road side. The dogs should be comfortable travelling in a car with specially fitted crates to an appropriate riverside or woodland walk. If your dog is not good with car travel special arrangements can be made to collect your dog last and drop them off first meaning they are in the vehicle for the least amount of time possible.


9. Invoices will be sent to the email address provided on the customer forms on the 30th of every month, payment is due within 7 days. If payment hasn’t been made by the end of the 4th day a reminder email will be sent. If payment is still not received by the 7th day all walks/visits will be cancelled. If you are having problems making payment please contact me to discuss any issues.


9. Walks/Visits can be cancelled providing the owner gives 24 hours notice. If this criteria is not met you may be charged in full for the walk/visit.

10. If its found you have provided wrongful or misleading information about your dog/pet this could lead to termination of your contract with Mary Puppins.


11. Mary Puppins has full liability insurance relative to the services provided. A copy of this is available upon request.

12. Mary Puppins accepts no liability for any breach in security or loss/damage to the owners property if any other person has access to the property during the term of this agreement.

13. Mary Puppins must be informed and kept up to date with all behavioural problems of the dog/pet at the time of booking and continuing throughout your time with Mary Puppins. Failure to do so may result in termination of your contract.

14. You the owner are liable for all medical costs and expenses should your pet become unwell or injured on a walk or in my care.

15. Mary Puppins will care for your dog/pet and make every effort to ensure your dog/pet is kept well and safe however can not be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a dog/pet either inside the home or on walks.


16. In the event of an emergency, Mary Puppins will contact all numbers provided to confirm the owners choice of action. If the owner(s) are not available then Charley Stevens is authorised to:

a) Transport the dog to the listed vets.

b) Request treatment from the vet.

c) Transport the dog/pet to an emergency clinic should the other options not be available.


17. Mary Puppins will keep all keys, remote entry fobs and necessary codes locked in a metal key safe located at the business address. Only I Charlotte Stevens have a key to this safe and the house is locked and alarmed in my absence. Everything will be returned back to the owner at the end of the contract period.

18. Keys will not have any personal details on them (dogs name only)

Mary Puppins Ltd Privacy notice

Mary Puppins Ltd takes your privacy seriously and is committed to protecting your personal information. This notice sets out how the information that you provide me with is used so I can provide your dog waking and pet sitting services.

Who am I?

Mrs Charlotte Victoria Stevens (Director of Mary Puppins Ltd)

Your information

I will need to collect data such as your name, address and contact details. I need these so I can contact you to collect your dog or if there is a problem. I will also need details about your dog including the vets you use and any medical conditions or behavioural issues he/she may have.

I take pictures and video’s of your pet to put on social media (Mary Puppins facebook and instagram page) but only with written permission from you on your customer contact form.

How your information will be kept

Your ‘new customer form’ with your contact details and details about your pet is all kept in a locked filing cabinet, the key to the filing cabinet will be locked in the safe where all your keys are stored. This safe stores all keys with only the name of your pet on to identify which key is which. The safe is bolted to the wall in my home (2 Nidd View Cottages Havikil lane Scotton HG5 9HL) with an alarm on when the house is empty. The key to the safe is with me at all times.

All personal data stored on my laptop is protected by password security.

Your phone number may also be saved as a ‘contact’ in my phone for ease of use that is protected by a password/fingerprint identity unique to me.

How the law applies to Mary Puppins Ltd use of personal information

I will only use your personal information if I have: – Asked you and have a record of your recent consent for us to do so. – A legal obligation to use or disclose information about you.

Mary Puppins Ltd will not rent, swap or sell your personal information to other organisations for them to use in their own marketing activities.

You can withdraw your consent to use your information at any time by calling 07710788575 or emailing info@marypuppinsdogwalker.co.uk

How long do I need to keep information?

Legally all personal information for all customers who have been invoiced needs to be kept for 7 years.