Dog Walking

I offer 3 group walks per day which take place between 8am & 4pm each walk lasts at least 1 hour, this is actual walking time and does not include traveling etc. I have a lovely van with fitted crates, comfy bedding and air conditioning making the journey from your home to their walk as comfortable as possible. I walk small groups of up to 4 dogs per walk and put suitable fitness levels and personalities together to make each walk as fun and safe as possible. Solo walk spaces are also available but limited.

*Please note I do not walk intact males or any female who is in season*

Cat Visits & Other small furries

I used to work in a Kennels/Cattery so believe for certain cats they are wonderful….. however my girls are not those type of cats! It can be so stressful for them to be taken away from their families and home so why should you have to when I can spend my mornings and evenings looking after them instead! I can either pop in once a day and do all that’s required to keep them happy this includes feeding, litter changing, water top ups and of course the most important….. cuddles! Or I can pop in twice a day usually early morning and early evening…. However there is no limit if you want me to visit more then this can be arranged just contact me for more details. I can also provide care for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits & even fish! I will also put your bins/recycling out, bring in post, and anything else you need while you are enjoying cocktails on your jollies!

Puppy Visits

Stage 1: Meeting you and your puppy… this will probably be when they are 8 – 10 weeks old, I come round for a free chat to meet your new family member and ideally as many members of your family as possible so we can discuss what you are wanting for your pup.

Stage 2: Depending on your working hours I allocate 1 hour in the morning between 9:30 – 10:30am and 1 hour in an afternoon 2:30 – 3:30pm for puppy visits. Until they have the all clear from the vet and are fully vaccinated it will just be me calling round, I will let them out for a wee, feeding and lots of playtime and cuddles.

Stage 3: Once they are fully protected now the fun begins and they will be introduced to my dog Walt who is a bit of a legend and incredibly gentle with puppies he is only 14 months old but he is the master and loves making new friends.

Stage 4: Between 2 – 4 months old, I will start introducing your puppy to other puppies and dogs from the Puppins family and start taking them near my car and getting them used to the crates in the back, we then start going on mini puppy walks, these last for 20 – 30 minutes (depending on how many people stop for cuddles!) this gets them used to their new pack of friends and the ‘group walk’ way of life.

Stage 5: At about 5 months old depending on the breed and size of the dog, they can start to join BIG DOG group walks and slowly build up to joining them permanently

Stage 6:  6 months old…….its GRADUATION DAY! Your puppy should have happily settled into their new group and be enjoying fun  walks with all their new friends!

Every puppy and situation is different so I will stay in close contact with you over the 1st 4 months to ensure your puppy is happy and content. If you have any questions or would like any advice at all please do not hesitate to get in touch.


My normal working day is 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday, however I am happy to work outside of these hours just message me with your requirements.


I once had a customer who was stuck on a delayed train back from London, nothing worse than worrying if your dog is ok, give me a call and I will make it my mission to get to them ASAP to let them out to do their business, go for a short walk, feeding and water top ups etc, whatever the situation we can sort it. (existing customers only)


I am fully insured and DBS checked.